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How to Start a Business While at UWEC – Part 1: Kleine Leonard

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Kleine Leonard – Kleine Leonard Photography

Show Notes:


· Grew up in Platteville, WI

· Graduated from the entrepreneur program at UWEC

· After graduation relocated to Austin, TX

· Started a commercial photography business about a year ago

Where did the idea for Kleine Leonard Photography come from?

· Inspired from freshmen photography class

· Started to get inquires for senior photos

· Inquires expanded to real estate and restaurant photography

What was it like to start your business as a student?

· It was helpful to implement the takeaways directly from class into my business

· Reduced startup time

· Difficult managing schedule

What was appealing to you about Eau Claire?

· Sense of community

· Perfect size

· Trustworthy people

· Lot of resources to get support from

· Many opportunities to pitch your business

How did your overall education prepare you for business?

· Guest speakers

· Mentorships and grants

What were some unexpected challenges and unexpected successes that lead you to where your business is today?

· Allocating your resources

· Networking

What are some proactive things you can do for your business?

· Stepping out of your comfort zone

· Focusing on marketing

Why did you choose to leave the Eau Claire area for your business?

· Winter

· Larger market

· Push personal limits

What qualities do you hope Eau Claire will pursue in the future to create opportunities for entrepreneurs?

· Continue to promote entrepreneurial resources

· Welcoming outsiders

· Create an inviting environment

What would you tell student entrepreneurs to look for in a place to establish their business?

· Think about costs, opportunities, and market

· Look at it through a lot of angles

What’s some advice for students who are looking to establish their business in Eau Claire?

· Great location

· Costs are low depending on the business

· Resources are plentiful

· Do it!

Kleine’s socials:

Instagram @kleineleonardphotography

Facebook @kleineleonardphotography

LinkedIn @kleineleonardphotography

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