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Episode #2: Diane Wolfe - Erbert and Gerbert's

Show Notes:

Background on life up to purchase of E&G

  • Living in St Cloud, MN

  • Always been dreamers and wanted to be their own boss

  • Wanted control of their time

  • 9/11 happen and husband didn’t want to travel anymore and started looking for business being sold

  • Bought the E&G Corporate that started on Water St in Eau Claire

  • Just decided to jump

What was good about Eau Claire?

  • Good place to raise family

  • Thought they would move back to Minnesota

Advice for those facing a large entrepreneurial decision

  • Get it done early

  • The more you wait the more reasons there are not to do it

EC ecosystem; 1 million cups; interactions

  • Very impressive

  • Some were around 30-40 years ago getting the ecosystem going

  • Small area but a lot has come out of here

  • The current people are impressive as well

  • Each generations bring the entrepreneurial spirit

Influential organizations

  • Seen great entrepreneurs come and go

  • See them succeed

  • There’s ideas and then there’s action

EC value propositions/significant to growth

  • EC has Size going for it

  • The education going

  • The beauty for tourism

  • Although challenging, Advantages because of covid

  • COVID allows thinking

  • Money flowing and lots of positives despite the negatives

  • Open to collaboration

  • Challenges allow great progress in the next 5 years

  • Good stories will happen

Tell the 2021 EC in five years

  • Turn the though year into a positive

  • Run for office and make a difference

  • Vote for elections and pay attention

  • If you start a business it will take time

  • Just stay the course and adapt

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