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How to Start a Business While at UWEC – Part 2: Dan Beck

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Dan Beck – Midwest Meals

Show Notes:


· From Ladysmith, WI

· Cofounded a non-profit called the Ladysmith Skatepark coalition

· Former entrepreneur program student

· Founder and owner of Midwest meals

How did the concept of Midwest Meals come about?

· Class projects

· Newfound interest in fitness

What was it like to start your business as a student?

· Intimidating to tell your parents

· Lot less pressure to be successful right away

What would you tell students who aren’t sure if they should start their business?

· Just do it!

· The worse things that can happen aren’t that bad

· You can pivot and move on

· It’s never too late no matter your age

What was appealing to you about starting your business in Eau Claire?

· Familiarity and relationships

· Natural tie-ins

How else did your education prepare you for your business?

· Understanding of accounting and compliances

· Business communication skills

· Behavioral psychology

What were some unexpected challenges and unexpected successes that lead you to where your business is today?

· Guidelines

· Machine approval

· Longer shelf life

· Reduced plastic usage

What qualities of Eau Claire were appealing to you when starting your business?

· Rent cost

· Market opportunity

· Open communication

· The University

What have been the most interesting projects students have come to you with?

· Logo creation

· Social media management

Are there any other podcasts that have helped you with your business?

· MFCEO Project

· How I Built This w/ Guy Raz

What do you see the role of formal education has on your business?

· Backbone

· Experience

· Life skills

What would you tell student entrepreneurs to look for in a place to establish their business?

· Be somewhere that is business friendly

· Talk to other businesses in the area

What’s some advice for students who are looking to establish their business in Eau Claire?

· Reach out to anyone in any industry

Dan’s socials:

Instagram @whoisdanbeck @midwestmeals

Facebook @midwestmeals

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